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There are many ways you can help DDAWatch and fight BSL. Below are a few suggestions although we are always happy to hear of any ideas you may have. Please use the contact us section if you have something you feel we should add.


Pounds For Hounds


Please support our pounds for hounds campaign,a donation as little as one pound will help us to continue our wide- ranging work, which can include among other things, exemption costs, neutering, kennelling, veterinary & health care fees and legal costs.


You can also donate by Bank transfer or cheque - please email us for details - ddawatch@gmail.com - Thank You!



Join DDAWatch Group on Facebook and Twitter!


An open group for all who are opposed to Breed Specific Legislation. Show your support by joining DDAWatch on Facebook or following DDAWatch on Twitter.



Join our Campaigns!


A call to action! Join our protests and demonstrations, our email and poster campaigns. Details of current campaigns can be seen here. Please help us fight BSL.



Link to this site!

If you have a website, blog or a social networking page (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.) then please include a link to this site. Or download a DDAWatch banner or widget from here.

Contact your MP!


If you’re a dog owner in the UK the Dangerous Dogs Act applies to you in some way or another. DDAWatch supports its members in writing to their local MP in order to seek their views and opinion on why section 1 of the DDA is still in force and showing no signs of being repealed or revised.Please download our letter template, fill in the name and address of your local MP and send the letter to them direct.

It may also be possible to email your MP and save money on the postage, in which case please edit the letter appropriately and paste its content into an email.


Download Dangerous Dogs Act MP Letter

Find Your Local MP'S Contact Details



DDAWatch is a Not for profit company, registration number 7393352. While care has been taken to ensure information is correct it must be noted that this site should be considered a guide only. If you find yourself affected by legislation you must seek legal representation. Information given is for England and Wales only. Legislation in Scotland and N. Ireland may differ.
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