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Dogs and the law.


There are 24 Acts of Parliament relating solely to dogs and a further 11 relating to animals in general. To add to that there are 15 statutory orders and regulations that relate to animals. Each and every one is currently in force.


The following pages have been created to help dog owners, potential dog owners and the general public to be aware of the laws that exist in England and Wales today. Legislation in Scotland and N. Ireland may differ and will be included in due course. While every care has been taken to ensure the information contained is correct it must be noted that the contents of this document are for information only and not to be treated as an extensive guide. Legislation, particularly canine legislation at the present time, can and does change frequently, often as a result of “case law” and while every attempt has been made to ensure the content is correct and up to date, it is your responsibility particularly if a dog owner, to ensure you are aware of all current legislation.


Remember, ignorance is no defence in a court of law!


If you find yourself directly affected by any legislation you must seek experienced legal representation immediately. Check with your solicitor on the level of experience they have and the success rate they have achieved. If you need help finding suitable legal representation please call us on the number below. Until legal representation has been secured do not sign anything you are unsure of. It is also worth remembering that no one other than yourself or a court of law can order the destruction of your dog and that a court generally only issues destruction orders in extreme circumstances.


Dangerous Dog Laws


Animal Welfare Law


Other Dog Laws

While care has been taken to ensure information is correct it must be noted that this site should be considered a guide only. If you find yourself affected by legislation you must seek legal representation. Information given is for England and Wales only. Legislation in Scotland and N. Ireland may differ.
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