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DDA Watch Outreach Campaign



Help spread the word!


DDA Watch is always striving to raise awareness of BSL and to let the public know that there is help available to dog owners who are affected by the Dangerous Dogs Act.


Gathering information is also an essential aspect of our work.


Raising awareness is vital - you can help.

DDA Watch Information, Leaflets & Info:

We have produced a new leaflet which we are asking our supporters to download, print and share.

We would be very grateful if you could take some leaflets to your local vets, pet shops, dog groomers and anywhere that you feel the message needs sharing.

Handing the leaflets to fellow dog walkers is a great way to spread the word.

Please support our campaign to let others know there is free, confidential help and support available for those affected by BSL, human and canine.

This is a double sided leaflet printed onto A4 paper. To print the leaflet, print the side 1’s first then print the side 2‘s on the back of those pages. These leaflets can then be folded into a size A5 leaflet.


Download our leaflet here - pdf


side 1 side 2





DDA Watch offer advice and assistance to victims of BSL. Help us to target our efforts where they are most needed by distributing our literature.


Please click and download our flyer below:





DDA Watch Ltd is a not-for-profit company, registered in England & Wales, registration number 7393352.

Care has been taken to ensure that our information is correct. The information and advice given by DDA Watch is for general purposes and is intended for guidance only, it does not constitute legal advice. The information and opinions expressed should not be relied on or used as a substitute for legal advice, if you require details concerning your rights, legal advice or find yourself affected by legislation it is recommended that you seek professional legal advice. 

Information given is for England and Wales only. Legislation in Scotland and N.Ireland may differ.

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